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Haikyuu!! Volume 11 & 12 → Sketches
Track: Seishun TIP-OFF!!~ MVP Hanamiya Ver.
Album: Kuroko No Basuke 2nd SEASON ~ BluRay 04 ~ Special CD feat. Hanamiya Makoto
Artist: Fukuyama Jun
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Seishun TIP-OFF!!~ MVP Hanamiya Ver. by Fukuyama Jun


"I have faith in him.”

For the record (since loads of people seem to comment on my knb hair colour edits about how each panel seems to ‘fit’ the character whose hair colour is being used)- it’s intentional. I’m not randomly assigning hair colours to random panels here guys. Y’gotta plan this shit out

Although giving midorima’s hair to a dumb screencap is p tempting tbh

Kise Ryouta ft hair colours

Kuroko I Akashi I Midorima I Momoi

fav character: [kills someone]
me: aw